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True Grit: Immigrant Founders Share Stories of Courage, Terror, and Strength

Posted by: Yun Tai on 6/5/18 9:49 AM

June is Immigrant Heritage Month and we're celebrating by sharing the stories of immigrant entrepreneurs from our community. There’s no doubt that entrepreneurship is a journey, but for many who came to the United States from abroad, it’s been nothing short of an adventure. Here are their stories.  

Lisa Souter’s Sparkl Brings the Car Wash to Your Front Door

Posted by: Yun Tai on 6/4/18 9:00 AM

It’s summertime and that means a car wash is in order; unfortunately, that also means long hours in the summer heat cleaning dirt off your door or waiting in line at the car wash. But for those of us who are protective of our time, Lisa Souter has found a solution with her company, Sparkl -- an on-demand service that brings the car wash to you.

SpotHero's Mark Lawrence on Strategy, Vision, and Building Successful Businesses

Posted by: Yun Tai on 6/1/18 12:18 PM

For the live taping of Chicago Founders' Stories, SpotHero Co-Founder and CEO Mark Lawrence took the stage at 1871 in front of a packed room to share his story as an entrepreneur and founder. SpotHero, which is an 1871 alumni company, is a leading parking reservation service and is currently available in over 50 cities in the United States and Canada. 

Our 1871 | Diana Lopez-Obaldo of 1871

Community, Our 1871
Posted by: 1871 on 5/31/18 5:00 AM

It's Chicago Woman Week next week, and we're especially excited about their inaugural GET NOTICED: Latina Edition event on June 6th at 1871, featuring as a panelist our very own Diana Lopez-Obaldo, Director of External Affairs! Today's Our 1871 celebrates Diana and her favorite 1871 insights and moments.

Looking for the Perfect Sofa? Find it at Cora

Posted by: Yun Tai on 5/30/18 9:00 AM

Nicknamed the ‘Kayak of Furniture,’ Sara Taylor-Demos and Chris Vuletich’s Cora is making it easier than ever for customers to decorate their homes with furniture that’s automagically tailor-presented to their tastes. In this interview, Co-Founder Taylor-Demos talks about the importance of perseverance, following your own path, and positive reinforcement.

1871 Jobs Roundup: Week of 5/29/18

Posted by: 1871 on 5/29/18 2:18 PM

JOBS! Every week, we highlight a number of open jobs for our member companies. If you're looking for an exciting career in the tech industry or an opportunity to work alongside Chicago's best and brightest, then you've come to the right place. Here are the job openings for the week of May 29, 2018.

How to Preserve Your Culture as You Scale Your Startup

Posted by: 1871 on 5/29/18 9:00 AM

Raj Jana is the founder of JavaPresse Coffee Company, a specialty coffee delivery service that sends premium, freshly-roasted coffee to your door once or twice a month. He started this company because of his desire to use coffee to promote a culture of gratitude. In this article, he offers his tips on how companies can preserve their culture even as they continue to grow.

Peanut Butter is Helping Employers Attract Talent with Student Loan Assistance

Posted by: Yun Tai on 5/25/18 9:11 AM

Today’s work culture is dominated by lavish perks like kegerators and yoga classes, but Peanut Butter, is providing employers with a new offering that may be the best benefit yet -- the ability to pay off their employees’ student loans.

In a World of Data, Communication Skills are Key

Posted by: 1871 on 5/25/18 9:00 AM

The digital economy is simplifying the way businesses run. At the same time, it’s giving companies access to more information than ever before. Data is what runs businesses today but as Rocky Subramanian, SVP and Managing Director of the Midwest at SAP, will discuss, if companies can’t communicate to the decision makers what that information means so that they can act on it, all that data is worthless.

Our 1871 | Kyle Bradley of Nava Print Studio

Community, Our 1871
Posted by: 1871 on 5/23/18 10:42 PM

Simple 1871 fact -- the people make the place. Today we chat with Kyle Bradley, Founder of Nava Print Studio, about his work with emerging artists and the challenges of entrepreneurship as part of the Our 1871 series.

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