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Guest Blog: Building a Creative Culture

Posted by: 1871 on 9/16/20 1:09 PM

Guest Author: Brendan Neuman

Creative enterprises start with ideas, and those ideas – initially – are brought into the world through founders and entrepreneurs. Unfortunately, one person’s ideas don’t make for growing, sustainable, and agile businesses. Instead, creativity, and the value it brings to organizations, is a team effort. While every individual holds creative potential, that potential depends on an environment and culture built for creative risk taking.

Intellectual Property: A Top Priority During Uncertain Times

Posted by: 1871 on 9/14/20 10:10 AM

Guest Author: Lewis Lee, CEO, Aon’s IP Solutions

Guest Blog: Blockchain for Startups – Two Paths to Adoption

Posted by: 1871 on 9/9/20 10:47 AM

Guest Author: Gehrig Kunz

Blockchain is a paradox. The technology made famous by bitcoin has simultaneously boundless disruptive potential and boisterous skeptics. Like most things, the truth is likely somewhere in the middle. As a startup founder, the question that really matters to you is often left unanswered what can you really do with blockchain today?

Thank You to Our 100+ Judges

1871, Our 1871, Momentum
Posted by: 1871 on 8/19/20 2:33 PM


Guest Blog: In Times of Uncertainty, Lean on your Community

1871, Women
Posted by: 1871 on 8/19/20 9:40 AM

By: Terri Brax, CEO, Women Tech Founders

2020 Momentum Awards Finalists Revealed

1871, Our 1871, Momentum
Posted by: 1871 on 8/18/20 8:49 AM


Guest Blog: 8 Entrepreneurial Must-Reads NOT About Business

Guest Author: Scott Fenstermaker

Good founders constantly seek to improve their technical and business skills. But they also work 15-hour days, after which it is tedious to try and force oneself to consume even more tactical business content. I know that I find it nearly impossible to keep reading about business techniques during my precious few hours of downtime. I crave respite. 

Interview: ConnectCareHero Enhances Platform to Fight COVID-19



As a social activities management platform for senior living and homecare teams, ConnectCareHero has always centered around the safety and fulfillment of the elder population and thus they have been deeply connected to the fight against COVID-19 since the start.

When the pandemic hit, they jumped into action to modify their existing technology to better meet the changing needs of clients and the elder care community at large. We spoke with ConnectCareHero founders Osvaldo Montelongo and Tornu Ngwayah recently to discuss their team’s hard work.

Guest Blog: Do You Need a Solutions Architect?

Guest Author: Keanan Koppenhaver

Startups like to use trendy job titles such as Content King and Growth Wizard to create a fun company culture and communicate to the outside world that they’re a certifiably “cool” place to work. These titles, however, are often not very descriptive of the role itself.

A job title that sounds similarly trendy on the surface, but more accurately describes a crucial part of a company’s growth and function is the “Solutions Architect”. A Solutions Architect helps take new products from idea to implementation, fix existing problems in the most efficient way possible, and generally makes sure that the business and technical sides of a company understand each other.

Latinx Incubator Welcomes 24 Diverse Tech Start-Ups

On June 18th, IHCC and 1871 launched Cohort 7 of the Latinx Incubator.

The Latinx Incubator is a first-of-its-kind partnership between the Illinois Hispanic Chamber of Commerce (IHCC) and 1871 with the mission of growing the pipeline of Latinx and underrepresented entrepreneurs participating in and contributing to the Chicago tech and innovation economy.

Read the 1871 Blog for news about the Chicago technology and entrepreneurship community, as well as helpful tips, guides, and insights into the startup and investment world.

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