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The Advantages of Hyper Local Food

Posted by: 1871 on 9/4/19 1:16 PM

There are many problems with the American diet. According to the AMA, almost 40% of Americans are considered obese. Although the reasons for that are numerous and complex, one way to begin to address the problem is with healthier eating habits. Growing produce at home makes people more likely to cook healthful meals, allows them to eat local food and if there are children at home, can help parents instill healthy habits. Exposing children to fresh produce at an early age also has a big impact. In this guest blog post, Hank Adams, Founder and CEO of Rise Gardens, takes a look at the advantages of hyper local food.

Traits Small Business Owners Should Look for When Hiring

Posted by: 1871 on 8/19/19 10:07 AM

Building the right team is the key to success for small business owners. However, that's not always as easy as it sounds. Finding the right people -- and the right qualities can be very difficult, but fortunately, Joseph Brady, Vice President of Digital Marketing for Reliant Funding, has some tips on how the traits that small business owners should look for when hiring. 

Three Secrets to Running a Company and Fundraising When Your Co-Founder is on the Other Side of the World

Posted by: 1871 on 8/7/19 9:32 AM

Fundraising for an early stage startup is challenging. But what about fundraising when your team is sprawled across the country, or even the world? In this guest post, Fiona Lee -- COO and Co-founder at Pod Foods -- shares her insights on how you can run a company and raise capital even when members of your team are located all over the world.

How The Most Successful Founders Tackle Startup Hurdles With Resourcefulness

Posted by: 1871 on 7/31/19 12:45 PM

Jeff Bezos once said, “life’s too short to hang out with people who aren’t resourceful.” Resourcefulness is often called the ultimate resource, and the best indicator of success. Successful entrepreneurs come from all backgrounds, but one thing they share is the ability to come up with the resources they need. In this guest post, Megan Mahoney of Flume Health talks about why resourcefulness is almost a superpower for startup founders.

The Power of Experience

Posted by: 1871 on 7/25/19 11:54 AM

How much does experience actually affect your bottom line? As it turns out -- quite a bit; in this guest blog post, Rocky Subramanian, Senior Vice President and Midwest Managing Director at SAP, takes a look at the experience economy and offers his insights on why experience is an important element for any business.

Clash of the Titans: In the Battle for Tech Dominance, Innovation is the First Casualty

Posted by: Betsy Ziegler on 7/15/19 10:37 AM

On May 16, 2019, one of the largest tech companies in the world made its way onto the United States’ ‘Entity List.’ Huawei, a Chinese telecommunications giant, was effectively restricted from doing business with any U.S. company. In one fell swoop, one of the leading multinational technology companies and major players in the 5G arena -- not to mention the second largest smartphone maker in the world -- was blacklisted from the entire U.S. market. The President’s latest move to reverse the ban may lead to an initial reprieve, but it’s likely that we’ll be going down this road again. In this post, 1871 CEO Betsy Ziegler looks at the battle for tech dominance between the U.S. and China and how it impacts global innovation.

Why You Need to Tap Into the Purpose of Your Startup

Posted by: 1871 on 7/10/19 9:34 AM

Defining your business’s purpose, both within the company and in the eyes of the public, is an essential part of building your startup. This is the time in which you are finding your moral compass, recruiting a team, and crafting a company culture that can succeed. If your new company is to survive, you need to know what it is, as well as what it stands for and why it exists. In this guest post, Manish Dudharejia, Founder and President of E2M Solutions, takes a look at why you need to tap into the purpose of your startup if you truly want to thrive.

How to Decide on Office Space or Coworking Space for Your Business in Chicago

Posted by: 1871 on 7/8/19 12:38 PM

In this guest post, Nicole Weldon, Regional Senior Vice President at Truss and a mentor at 1871, shares a number of tips on how you can pick the best space for your organization, mission, and vision. Join her on July 16 at 1871 for a lunch and learn to hear more about how you can compare coworking and office spaces like a pro.

How to Balance Work and Home Life: Non-Traditional Ideas for New Entrepreneurs

Posted by: 1871 on 6/27/19 9:35 AM

Learning to balance work and home life is an ongoing challenge, especially for new entrepreneurs and business owners. Having the passion to start and build a business makes it hard to take time off or step away from your desk. While this mindset can be valuable, a lack of work-life balance quickly leads to burnout. In this guest post, Jessica Thiefels, Founder and CEO of Jessica Thiefels Consulting, looks at how new entrepreneurs can balance work and life at home. 

7 Marketing Messages from 'Game of Thrones'

Posted by: 1871 on 6/20/19 9:00 AM

Alas, the Game of Thrones epic has come to its inevitable end (sigh) — but the story still has much to teach us. In this guest blog post, Laura Gayle -- Owner of Business Woman Guide -- shares a number of  marketing insights that she's gathered from the show. Read on for the seven marketing messages from Game of Thrones!

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