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Great Startup Advice That Actually Sucks

Posted by: Connor Nolan on 5/17/18 5:10 PM

You’ve heard it all before. “Just be yourself.” “If It’s not broken, don’t fix it.” “Everything happens for a reason.” If you haven’t thrown up yet, give it a second -- it’ll come. We’re just as sick of hearing silly, counterintuitive advice as you are. But given the fast-pace of business, it can be hard to distinguish useful advice from harmful ‘help.’ Fortunately, we’ve got Victor Abundis, Co-founder and COO of Interpreter Tap, and Garry Cooper, CEO and Co-founder of Rheaply, to help us weed out a number of terrible tips.

From Startup to Shark Tank: What it Takes to Swim in the Tank

Posted by: Connor Nolan on 5/2/18 9:00 AM

They can smell blood from up to a quarter of a mile away and it's hard not to tremble when they gawk at you and flash their seven rows of 45 teeth. They are the Sharks (cue Jaws music here), and they're tenacious, self-made millionaires and billionaires that don't have time for lousy ideas. But while the sharks are scary, the treasure is often worth the trip; that's why we asked Dan Stelmach, a recent Shark Tank guest and Co-Founder of ChangEd, to share some tips on how entrepreneurs can dive -- and thrive -- in the tank.

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