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Hungry at Work? Grab a Bite with Maisha Burt’s WorkChew

Posted by: Connor Nolan on 5/22/19 1:27 PM

You're halfway through a busy workday and suddenly, your coworker comes back into the office with a slice of pizza. You take one look and see that it’s a sausage and pepperoni combo -- but what really gets you is the smell. It lingers and stays with you, and suddenly, your train of thought has shifted from the annual report you’re working on to a nice slice of sausage and pepperoni pizza. In fact, you can’t think about anything else at this point -- except maybe how wonderful it’d be if there was a way to eat and work at the same time. Thankfully, Maisha Burt, CEO and Founder of WorkChew, has a solution that you can find on the corner of hustle and hunger.

Farmers Produce, Chefs Create, and Alice Chalmers Connects

Posted by: Connor Nolan on 5/15/19 2:34 PM

With 95 percent of U.S. single urban households willing to pay more for local food, you might be wondering why you haven’t seen more locally-sourced products at the grocery store or on restaurant menus. Thankfully, Alice Chalmers, Founder and CEO of Local Food Connection, is helping local food make its way into the mainstream. In this post, Chalmers talks about benefits of buying local, supporting farmers, and why grit is a must-have for aspiring entrepreneurs.  

Zack Price is Turning Bloggers into Book Writers

Posted by: Connor Nolan on 4/24/19 9:51 AM

Ever wonder what our blog would look like in a physical form? So have we. And while that doesn’t necessarily mean that we’re transferring our blog into book format, the option is certainly out there thanks to Zack Price, Founder and CEO of Blog Into Book. In this post, Price shares his thoughts on why blogs are great material for books, trusting your gut, and what it’s like to have a local titan in your corner.

Christina Wing and Sam Eder are Powering the Local Food Revolution with Big Wheelbarrow

Posted by: Connor Nolan on 3/7/19 10:33 AM

For most of us, rooting for the home team is a given; after all, it’s easier to identify and support the city, town, or region that we’re most familiar with. That support extends to what we eat as well -- and though everyone loves a good local farmers market -- that doesn’t always help local food distributors. However, Christina Wing and Sam Eder of Big Wheelbarrow are hard at work ensuring that local farm vendors are reclaiming their place as hometown heroes.

Shante Elliot Helps Students in Foster Care Make the Grade with TasselTurn

Posted by: Connor Nolan on 8/22/18 9:55 AM

Less than one-third of all youth in foster care will earn a high school diploma. It’s an astonishingly low figure that doesn’t get much attention -- however, Shanté Elliott’s first-hand experience of adoption has given her an affinity to make a difference for this oft-neglected demographic. As the Founder and CEO of TasselTurn, Elliott shares her insights on foster care, diversity in tech, and the significance of second chances.

Jessica Mann’s Ari Rose is the All-Natural Answer for Better Skin and Better Health

Posted by: Connor Nolan on 8/22/18 9:45 AM

You’ve heard the old saying many times -- take care of your body and your body will take care of you. Unfortunately, most of us are actually harming ourselves when we think we’re healing; after all, today’s body care products contain a distressing amount of toxins. Fortunately, Jessica Mann is helping the health-conscious with Ari Rose, a holistic body care company that offers a healthy clean without all of the harmful chemicals.

Art Caines Helps Potential College Graduates Leap Across the Finish Line

Posted by: Connor Nolan on 8/14/18 9:00 AM

Debt, family, work, stress, and service. These are just a few of the many reasons why college students will suspend their studies. Fortunately, Art Caines, a former near-completer himself and the CEO of Max-Grad, is helping this demographic take the final step in their higher education journey.

Retailers Have Found Their Magic Genie with Geetha Natarajan’s WishYourPrice

Posted by: Connor Nolan on 8/2/18 1:27 PM

For many people, shopping is therapy -- and just like a good therapist, the best retailers are the ones that truly understand their customers. Unfortunately, that doesn’t happen as often as most retailers or shoppers would like. Fortunately, Geetha Natarajan, CEO and Co-founder of WishYourPrice, is using her magic to help retailers step into the shoes of their consumers and get a feel for what they really want.

Shayna Atkins is Building the Workforce of the Future with AtkCo Inc.

Posted by: Connor Nolan on 7/25/18 9:33 AM

Technology is constantly evolving, but Shayna Atkins, Founder, and CEO of AtkCo Inc., offers learning with in-person certification courses, online curated curriculum, and coaching for lean product development to prepare employees for tech’s next curveball. In this interview, Atkins shares her insights on the rapidly changing Fintech space, the importance of recruiting from underserved communities, and why it’s important to have great expectations.

Five to Nine's Employee Experience is Changing the World of Work

Posted by: Connor Nolan on 7/18/18 9:00 AM

Denise Umubyeyi and Jasmine Shells are putting their own spin on company culture with Five to Nine, a culture engagement solution that increases workplace connectivity and inclusion while providing analytics to drive people strategy. In this interview, Umubyeyi and Shells share their thoughts on community, culture, and confidence.

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