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Why Microsoft Still Matters

Posted by: Howard A. Tullman on 11/21/17 10:00 AM

It is hardly one of the cool kids on the tech block, but in a world where data integrity and trust matters, the company's Azure cloud platform is a security blanket for big corporations.

Are You Doing Enough for Your Newbies?

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Posted by: Howard A. Tullman on 11/14/17 12:00 PM

Throwing your new hire into the fire without sufficient training is often seen as a rite of passage. But that's short-sighted and often costly, to both the employee and the company. 

Outside-In is the New Way to Win

Posted by: Howard A. Tullman on 9/1/17 2:34 PM

Rather than trying to take on increasingly large and powerful companies, a better strategy is to make your firm essential by fusing with their infrastructure.

Why You Never Saw It Coming

Posted by: Howard A. Tullman on 8/25/17 8:52 AM

 We've talked and worried for years about the potential harm to businesses that unforeseen results and unintended consequences can cause, especially when the companies involved are new and relatively immature. When you read the typical after-action analyses, which try to make sense of these seemingly "abrupt" changes or the "surprise" upsets, they are almost always directed toward studying how well or poorly the particular actor, entity, or business fared as a result of the inability to anticipate or mitigate the nasty changes brought about by its own deliberate actions. Of course, these kinds of problems don't simply effect newbies.

How to Help Your Best People Get Better

Posted by: Howard A. Tullman on 8/11/17 10:38 AM

We need to recognize that a large segment of our workforce needs a skills upgrade. There's no single path or one-way approach that suits every situation, but there are a few important ground rules to get you started. And let's be clear that these aren't necessarily politically correct observations; they are, rather, today's facts of life.

5 Ways Leaders Can Run Off the Road

Posted by: Howard A. Tullman on 8/3/17 4:21 PM

Some of them never see it coming. In a visit to 1871, oil industry veteran Anna Catalano told aspiring entrepreneurs how to prevent the kinds of CEO disasters that are making way too much news.

Don't Waste Your Time Chasing Perfect

Posted by: Howard A. Tullman on 7/25/17 3:09 PM

Not everything worth doing is worth doing to the nth degree. Just like you can overthink and over-engineer your technology, you can foolishly try to achieve levels of immediacy, proximity and precision that frankly no one really needs or cares about — except maybe a few of your geeky engineers. Pursuing perfection is a perfectly good way to burn through lots of cash, waste a lot of time and energy, and frustrate your own people in the process.

There's No Excuse for Being a Tech Jerk

Posted by: Howard A. Tullman on 7/19/17 11:11 AM

These aren't the best of times for the tech industry. Every day another jerk emerges as the latest poster boy of ego and entitlement, someone who can't figure out how to keep his hands to himself and/or his ugly mouth shut. And the many feeble attempts and faux justifications made in the name of speed and scale doesn't really advance the discussion or explain the situation, either.

There's No Safety in Your Silo

Posted by: Howard A. Tullman on 7/12/17 12:00 AM

Shutting yourself in what seems like a safe and secure space is an act of willful blindness. You need to look across your industry to leverage all the data available, including within your own company. And yes, there are platforms for that.

Your Technology Might Be Good, but Your People Better Be Better

Posted by: Howard A. Tullman on 7/5/17 9:35 PM

In a time when we are being overwhelmed by apps that promise everything, the critical piece is having a motivated work force that can deliver the whole experience.

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