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There's No Excuse for Being a Tech Jerk

Posted by: Howard A. Tullman on 7/19/17 11:11 AM

These aren't the best of times for the tech industry. Every day another jerk emerges as the latest poster boy of ego and entitlement, someone who can't figure out how to keep his hands to himself and/or his ugly mouth shut. And the many feeble attempts and faux justifications made in the name of speed and scale doesn't really advance the discussion or explain the situation, either.

There's No Safety in Your Silo

Posted by: Howard A. Tullman on 7/12/17 12:00 AM

Shutting yourself in what seems like a safe and secure space is an act of willful blindness. You need to look across your industry to leverage all the data available, including within your own company. And yes, there are platforms for that.

Your Technology Might Be Good, but Your People Better Be Better

Posted by: Howard A. Tullman on 7/5/17 9:35 PM

In a time when we are being overwhelmed by apps that promise everything, the critical piece is having a motivated work force that can deliver the whole experience.

The Whole Story Behind Amazon's Whole Foods Buyout

Posted by: Howard A. Tullman on 6/28/17 12:00 AM

This isn't about an online behemoth acquiring a struggling high-end grocery store. It's about altering our relationship with shopping in an entirely new way.

Getting Out Whole - With Your Soul Intact

Posted by: Howard A. Tullman on 12/19/16 1:55 PM

In a recent post I explained the importance of timing in the shutdown of an unsuccessful business. The main point is that, especially in the context of a "fire sale," most tech startups and digital businesses don't have too many hard assets to offer, but if the entrepreneur doesn't wait too long, there is still plenty of potential value to be realized. Sometimes the sum of the parts is greater than the whole.

What "the Boss" Can Teach Us About Loss

Posted by: Howard A. Tullman on 12/16/16 2:33 PM

If you love Springsteen songs for the lyrics like I do (not that there's anything wrong with the music) then you know what I mean when I say that there's a line or a poignant phrase from some Bruce song that seems perfect for just about any and every occasion. I can think of dozens of times - staring down into one abyss or facing up to another impending disaster-- when the Boss was the only solace I could find. 

Old School: Who Said You Have to Be Young to Be an Innovator?

Posted by: Howard A. Tullman on 12/5/16 10:44 AM

Visitors to 1871 are always surprised to see so many gray hairs zipping around the place. (No one here saunters - everyone's in a hurry.) That's because a significant portion of these older folks are our mentors and, while gray hair can be simply a sign of age and not necessarily of wisdom, that hasn't been our experience. 

IT Guys: Stop Playing Defense

Posted by: Howard A. Tullman on 11/28/16 4:33 PM

I used to feel bad for the guys in our IT department because they had the same career issue that the heads of Homeland Security have. As we all know, the terrorists and other scumbags only have to get it right one time and horrible things can happen. Yet our counter-terrorism teams and other law enforcement agencies have to try to be right every time and then, when nothing happens, no one bothers to thank them or offer recognition for their work. 

Why Entrepreneurs Are Really Terrible at Saying Thank You

Posted by: Howard A. Tullman on 11/23/16 4:43 PM

Who would have thought that there would be some worthwhile words of wisdom coming from Glinda, the Good Witch, in Wicked? I saw Wicked again recently for the umpteenth time and I was struck by how relevant some of the lyrics from the song "Thank Goodness" were to the entrepreneurial mindset and to the ways many entrepreneurs behave. 

Make Your Meetings "CRISP" or Forget Them

Posted by: Howard A. Tullman on 11/21/16 1:42 PM

It's not possible to read any new or old material about organizational behavior without coming across a screed or two on the general subject of how too many meetings simply represent a waste of time, energy and resources. I've taken a shot at it, too. (See How to Deal with Time Wasters) Such sessions rarely accomplish anything except maybe some pseudo-bonding.

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