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ChiBuys Winter Tasting Celebrates Local Minority- and Women-Owned Food Vendors

We recently held our ChiBuys Winter Tasting to much fanfare -- in just two hours, nearly 400 guests from all corners of the city joined us in our effort to support local minority and women-owned food vendors. We thought we'd share some of the event highlights in case you missed it. If you're interested in supporting our roster of diverse (and very delicious) food vendors and their communities, you can take the ChiBuys pledge.

1871 and ChiBuys Vendors.jpg1871 hosted nine local, diverse food vendors for the ChiBuys Winter Tasting

Try to picture, if you will, what it'd be like to stand in the middle of Times Square during NYE, surrounded by an all-you-can-eat buffet featuring your favorite foods and drinks. Well, it's not a stretch to say that the vignette you've just imagined closely resembles the ChiBuys Winter Tasting event. With hundreds of guests and dozens of unique dishes, the two-hour event gave a packed room of attendees a taste of off-the-beaten-path flavors that left everyone craving more.

 Ryuu 2.jpgHungry guests line up to sample Ryuu Asian BBQ's tasty offerings

Although we learned plenty about the delights of fusion tacos and artisanal grilled cheese, the one big takeaway from our winter tasting was this: people are ready to see more diverse flavors -- and vendors -- in their communities. If that sounds like you, we hope that you'll join us in our effort to expand ChiBuys into a city-wide effort. Here are a few ways you can pledge to help craft a more diverse, inclusive, welcoming (and tasty!) business environment. 

NikkitaRandle-1.jpgNikkita Randle, Founder of Twisted Eggroll, talks about the impact and benefits of ChiBuys

Eat! Order from one of these ChiBuys vendors, all of whom are highly recommended by the 1871 team. Organizations who patronize ChiBuys vendors will receive a digital sticker for placement on digital or physical materials to inform guests that the organization supports local, diverse vendors. 

Ryuu2.jpgHungry yet? Next time you're looking to cater an event, consider ordering a tasty dish or two from a ChiBuys vendors

 Share! As much as we'd like to keep all this delicious food for ourselves, we also want to make sure we're spreading the love with our fellow Chicagoans. After all, everyone should have the right to try the tastiest homemade pies this side of the Midwest. If you have a quick minute to spare, send the ChiBuys list to your colleagues, clients, family, and friends.

Amazing Edibles2.jpgAndrea Herrera, Founder of Amazing Edibles, shares stories and dishes with guests at the ChiBuys Winter Tasting event

Host! Organize an introductory luncheon with ChiBuys vendors and your events, administrative, and marketing teams. Hear from them -- and taste -- what they can offer. The 1871 team stands ready to help coordinate.

1.2503.jpgDulcelandia, the largest retail distributor of Mexican candy in the Midwest, sets up its booth at the Winter Tasting in preparation for the evening's guests

Taste! Missed the Winter Tasting? Don't fret -- we'll be hosting more ChiBuys events in the near future. Make sure you check our events page to get the latest updates and reserve your spot for our next ChiBuys tasting.

1.2501.jpg Sure, you missed the Winter Tasting but don't worry, we'll be hosting another ChiBuys tasting soon enough!

Every little bit counts and organizations and businesses who are willing to do any of the four actions above are eligible to sign on as an official ChiBuys partner by pledging their commitment. To all those who attended the Winter Tasting, both guest and vendor, thank you for your support in our endeavor to create a more inclusive business environment that truly mirrors the diverse communites here in the city of Chicago. 

Are you a minority or woman-owned food vendor? We would love to connect! Please email us at to learn more about getting involved with the ChiBuys program.

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