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1871 Joins Slack: 5 Tips to Get You Started

It’s official -- we’re moving to Slack! To celebrate our migration, we’ve put together a list of tips for Slack users new and old. If you’re new to Slack, you’ll definitely want to read through these and if you’re a Slack veteran, check them out all the same so that you can dominate the office GIF game.

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We’re always looking for ways to streamline our processes and better connect the 1871 community. We found a great opportunity to do that with Slack, which allows us to communicate and collaborate more efficiently and effectively. As we transition onto Slack, we want to make sure that everyone is familiar with how it works and how they can get the most out of the platform.

So -- what can Slack do for you?

Well, it’s either your company’s greatest asset as a communications tool that makes corresponding between different departments a cinch or a black hole of hilarious memes, GIFs, and videos. Whatever your Slack objectives might be, you should know that there are a good number of processes and shortcuts that can help you save time, set deadlines, or simply put a smile on your face as you go about your day.

So without further ado, here are five slack hacks that you need to know.

  • Set a reminder

Slackbot, your handy Slack helper, can actually keep you from missing key appointments and deadlines. Simply enter /remind into the text box and then follow that with your assignment or task. You can schedule your reminder for a time of your choosing and, if you want to view all of your reminders, just type in /remind list. Once you’ve pulled up a list of your reminders, you can mark tasks as complete or simply delete the ones that are outdated.

  • Get the app!

If you’re still using your browser to open up Slack then you’re doing it wrong. Slack is much quicker and easier to use through the app. Windows users can download the Slack app here. Mac users should head to this link.

  • Second chance

Sent the wrong message to the wrong person? Replied to the board without checking your grammar first? That’s okay -- everyone has sent a message at some point in their life that they wish they could take back or change. The difference is, with Slack, you can actually do that. To change a message that you’ve sent by accident, simply hit the ↑ arrow key to edit your message. For those that are extremely accident-prone, there’s good news -- you can make as many edits as you like.

  • Give the gift of GIFs

There will be GIFs. No matter what you do, no matter how hard you try, you’ll eventually be sucked into the GIF game because sometimes, a short, quirky video says more than a thousand words ever could. Get a head start on your GIF game by installing the GIPHY app, which will allow you to easily browse through hundreds of GIFs. From there, simply type in /giphy followed by the phrase that you want a GIF for into the chat box.

  • Please. Stop. Yelling.

Some messages will warrant the attention of everyone on your Slack channel. Some messages won’t. To avoid ‘yelling’, or disrupting everyone on your channel, make sure you send a private message to the party that you are trying to reach. So next time you’re looking for Netflix recommendations, just enter /msg @(username) followed by your message (unless, of course, you work at Netflix).

These are just five Slack hacks to help you get started. As you continue your Slack journey, which is sure to be a good mix of productivity and fun, you’ll be surprised at how much the platform is truly capable of -- and how quickly you pick it up.

P.S. Okay, we couldn’t resist. Here’s a secret, final tip: head over to Slacker to troll your co-workers as your favorite celebrities or fictional character.


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