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Why We Are Launching An Angel Network

At Impact Engine, we believe that some of the most talented entrepreneurs today are launching companies that combine the potential for financial return with social impact. Since our founding in 2012, we have supported impact entrepreneurs through an ever-growing network of mentors and investors who were inspired by these entrepreneurs and committed to helping them launch their businesses successfully. Over the past three years, these companies have shown that profit and purpose can go hand in hand, and they have in turn helped us to demonstrate the power and potential of impact investing.

As we began planning for 2015, we realized that while we had accomplished a great deal working with entrepreneurs, we could do much more to support our community of investors. To that end, our next investment will be in impact investors!

The Impact Engine Angel Network is a community for investors to invest collaboratively and learn from each other as they build their personal angel investment portfolios around impact. Our network includes active impact investors who want to connect with each other, angel investors who are interested in exploring impact, and individuals  who are committed to impact but unfamiliar with early stage investing. No matter how they identify, the one thing they all care about is using capital to solve big social challenges.

Members of our angel network will benefit not only from vetted deal flow from a variety of sources, but also a community of inspiring individuals that they can learn from and invest with, and continued education from and connections with the impact investing field beyond Chicago. In addition to the Network, we are also launching Impact Pathways — educational opportunities for those just interested in learning more about impact investing and its many forms.

We are deeply inspired by the people who are aligning their investments with the social and environmental outcomes they want to see in the world. We plan to do our part to make their process even easier and more rewarding.

Click here for more information about our investor resources and here for the link to our press release.  Contact us for more information.

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Noelle Juengling, Marketing and Communications Associate, Impact Engine
Noelle Juengling handles communications at Impact Engine,  a venture fund that invests financial and human capital in early-stage, for-profit technology businesses that are improving education, health, economic empowerment, and resource efficiency.

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