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Intellectual Property: A Top Priority During Uncertain Times


Guest Author: Lewis Lee, CEO, Aon’s IP Solutions

We are in uncertain economic times, and the tail on this current economic downturn looks even longer than many expected. Even in certain times, our research consistently finds that Intellectual Property (IP) is undervalued, under protected, and underappreciated as a source of significant value to companies of all sizes, at all stages, and in all industries.  

Given the current unpredictability, it is critical for businesses to understand that their IP is one of their most valuable assets and retains significant value through recessionary periods. As companies grapple with evolving business models to face unprecedented disruption, they must find ways to best leverage their IP assets to add liquidity, deflect potential IP-based risks, and protect against a post-crisis future.

This research provides a strategic roadmap for intellectual property management.

That is why we are excited to partner with 1871. Working with organizations sooner rather than later to help implement an IP strategy that both protects and provides capital advantage is what we do best at Aon through our Intellectual Property Solutions (IPS) team.

Our Trade Secret Registry is a great example of how we can help 1871 members actively protect and manage their most valuable assets.

Trade secrets may present the largest uncaptured value of any business. Unlike patents, trademarks and copyrights, which are registered with the federal government, trade secrets are secret only until they are not. And, until recently, companies faced significant challenges  identifying, recording, and managing trade secrets.

Now, with Trade Secret Registry - a blockchain-enabled platform – organizations and entities can manage and store trade secrets without them ever leaving the protection and security of their own firm. 

We are offering this service to 1871 members free of charge. The Trade Secret Registry is available for one year free for active 1871 members and three months free for alumni. If you are an active 1871 member, you can find details regarding the Trade Secret Registry on the Perks Guide on the Member Portal. If you are an alumnus of 1871, feel free to email and let us know that you are interested in this perk and we will follow up to get you connected. 

If you are not a member of 1871 and are interested in leveraging this amazing perk, one amongst many, and want to learn more about 1871 please sign up for a Membership 1:1 session here

To learn more about Aon solutions for innovation-focused startups, visit    

In the end, as the old saying goes, the best offense is a good defense. Protecting your trade secrets today ensures that they will be yours tomorrow. 

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