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Mentor Spotlight: Josh Braun, VP of Client Happiness at Jellyvision

Our new “Mentoring at 1871” interview series will feature 1871 mentors who have made a valuable contribution to our community. Our members gain incredible knowledge from the people who volunteer their time to mentor at 1871, and we're excited to share some of those mentors' insights with you.

Here’s what Josh Braun, VP of Client Happiness & Education at Chicago’s Jellyvision Lab has to say about mentoring at 1871:

How long have you been mentoring at 1871?

About 2 years.

What do you get out of being a mentor?

The feel good feeling you get by accelerating someone’s learning curve and helping them dodge some bullets.

Is there a great story from your time as a mentor that you can share?

There was this guy Pere Marc Rigo, the founder of Package Zen. Love this guy. He’s a bit of a sales junkie like me, very knowledgeable in the weeds sort of sales-hacker guy. A tinkerer. He really helped improve the class by building on what I was teaching. I learned a lot from him as well (yet another benefit of mentoring).

Who is someone you've met recently through the mentorship program that got you excited about what they're doing?

There are so many companies I’m excited about at 1871. I really like what Tangiblee is doing to improve the online shopping experience. Great team too.


About JellyVision Lab:

JellyVision Lab an interactive communication software company that uses ALEX, a virtual benefits counselor, to help simplify and personalize the way employees make life decisions online. Whether an employee is selecting a health insurance plan, saving for retirement, or managing finances, ALEX serves as an interactive guide for these important HR messages and benefit options.

About Josh Braun:

Mentorship comes naturally given Josh Braun’s background in education. Josh received a B.S. in Communications from Florida State, a B.A. in Elementary Education from Florida Atlantic University and an M.S. in Education Technology. Josh got his start as a production assistant for Nickelodean followed by school teaching for the Palm Beach County School District. Before JellyVision Lab, Josh was VP of Product Development at Compass Learning, a K-12 learning acceleration software company. Josh is a fan of Bikram Yoga, running and playing the guitar!

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