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1871 Member BallotReady Helps Voters Make Informed Decisions

1871 member BallotReady helps voters make informed decisions by providing free, non-partisan background information on every candidate and referendum on a voter’s ballot. Ahead of the Illinois primary elections, we sat down with them to find out more about how they're increasing voter awareness and engagement:

What's the latest on the business?

BallotReady is currently participating in the MergeLane accelerator.
We launched our guide to the Illinois primary on February 15 and so far have had over 27,000 visitors to the site. From here, we will be expanding strategically to primaries across the country, starting with Maryland next month, followed by Kentucky, Colorado, Florida, and New Hampshire in order to continue to test our assumptions and continue to improve the site before the November general election.

Immediately following the primary, we will also begin raising our seed round.

" width="400" height="267"> BallotReady Co-Founders Alex Niemczewski and Aviva Rosman, during their IL Primary Shabbat Dinner at 1871
What's success look like for you on March 15? How many users are you expecting in Illinois for the primary?

We are trying to inform as many voters as possible. For Kentucky's November 2015 election, we had 20,000 people come to our site. We're aiming to double that number and reach 40,000 voters before the end of the day on March 15.

We're also getting great feedback on our content, design, and overall experience -success is also learning how we can improve our site to make it as easy as possible to vote informed.

How's it going generating revenue?

Right now we're focused on reaching voters and creating the best voter guide possible. So we're not worrying about revenue at the moment.


What's the one thing someone can do to help your company?

Option 1: Visit and then tell 5 friends: click here to tweet right now: “The #ILprimary is on March 15 - get informed on every race with @BallotReady at”

Option 2: Change your Tinder profile to say that you will only date people who vote BallotReady. Our data so far shows it works.


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