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#1871Gives: 1871 Team Shares Their Support for Inclusion, Open Government and Criminal Justice Causes

At 1871, each staff member is allocated a cash allotment to donate to a charity of their choice. On the 1871 blog, we’re highlighting the stories behind these donations. This week, we're featuring Vanessa Yeh, Manager, Brand Experience; Khadijah McGill, Administrative Assistant; and Jihan Bibb, Manager of Events. Read on to learn about their choice causes!

If you’re an 1871 friend or member who actively supports a charity or cause, we would love to hear your story. Tweet us using the hashtag #1871Gives or email us at We’d be thrilled to share your story in an upcoming blog. 

“We need access to reliable information about our country, its leaders and global affairs in order to participate effectively as citizens, regardless of how active we choose to be politically. In an era when misinformation is so easily propagated, I wanted to lend support ProPublica and their mission of supplying real news and facts over clickbait. I guess they say investigative journalism is on its last leg, but I hope that with continued public and private support, we can revive this industry that we so critically need.” -- Vanessa Yeh, Brand Experience Manager, supporting ProPublica.

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Since high school I've had an interest in the justice system, criminal law and the different ways society's dependence on these topics affect us as individuals. I was surprised to see how deeply involved the prison system is.

"Sophomore year of college is when I decided to major in Women & Gender Studies and Black Studies. The first two books I was required to read were Angela Davis's "Are Prisons Obsolete" and Jack Abott's "In the Belly of the Beast.” Since then, I have been infatuated with learning more about the prison system and its connections to the government, the economy, family health and specifically race. While volunteering at a juvenile detention center in Columbia, Mo., I was introduced to the Sentencing Project by a friend that had become involved in the organization after moving to D.C. Their work focuses on helping prevent imprisonment, improving life in prison, providing services to those falsely imprisoned and providing a better life for those being released. It's an awesome program that educates and elevates those involved.”  -- Khadijah McGill, Administrative Assistant, supporting The Sentencing Project

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“The Girls On The Run mission is to inspire 3rd-8th grade girls to be joyful, healthy and confident. The GOTR program consist of a fun, experience-based curriculum which creatively integrates running.

“As a runner looking for a way to give back to my community, I joined GOTR Central Illinois as a volunteer  coach. The team I coached was fully sponsored by community donors. I was able to see the impact this program made on the girls I coached. Many had never ran, let alone trained for a 5K. The highlight of my coaching experience was being able to encourage, guide and support these young girls on their journey.

“I am honored to donate to the GOTR Chicago access & inclusion initiative. I strongly believe access to this program should be provided to all girls throughout the Chicagoland area.”

Jihan Bibb, Manager of Events, supporting Girls on the Run

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