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Mexican Ambassador Eduardo Medina-Mora Visits 1871

Sr. Eduardo Medina-Mora travels to Chicago, participates in roundtable discussion and interacts with startups to foster greater business ties between Chicago and Mexico.

Chicago, IL-The Mexican Ambassador to The United States, Hon. Eduardo Medina-Mora, visited Chicago yesterday and toured 1871. While there, Medina-Mora met with several 1871 startup founders to discuss technology and how startups influence international relations between The United States and Mexico.

“The City of Chicago and the nation of Mexico have a strong and growing relationship that is centered around growing economic opportunities,” said Howard A. Tullman, CEO of 1871. “This event is a wonderful example of what we can do on a specific, actionable level to foster this sort of opportunity. At 1871 we are pleased to be able to support the broader business efforts of the City of Chicago and State of Illinois as we become a truly global destination for opportunity in technology.”

Medina-Mora met with leaders from LendSquare, Cancer IQ, Base10 Labs, Sage Corps, and Pangea for a roundtable conversation about their businesses and their potential or existing impact in Mexico. The startup leaders from Pangea, LendSquare, Base10 Labs, Cancer IQ, and Sage Corps were interested in sharing their experiences and learning from those others have had in the Mexican market. As a result of the visit, Medina-Mora was able to lend insight into how these startups can thrive in Mexico and elsewhere abroad. Medina-Mora’s visit to 1871 marks another step towards 1871’s goal to foster greater relations between technology hubs internationally.

Last fall, the City of Chicago signed an economic partnership agreement with Mexico City. Led by World Business Chicago, this framework calls for increased business interactions between Chicago and Mexico City. Yesterday’s visit was an example of these interactions. Last week, 1871 also played host to a large delegation of Mexican business officials, who participated in an event at 1871 about the future of technology and social media.


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