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1871 Ranks Fourth In The World In Study of Business Incubators

UBI Global Names 1871 One of the Top University-Affiliated Business Incubators in the World Following its Survey of Over 400 Incubators Across 70 Countries;1871 was Recently Named #1 Incubator in the United States by UBI

CHICAGO (December 2, 2015)— 1871 ranked fourth in the world in the 2015 UBI Global list of Top University-Affiliated Business Incubators and was celebrated in an international ceremony in London last week. The global announcement came after 1871 was ranked 1st in the United States and 2nd in North America in the UBI Global list of Top University-Affiliated Business Incubators in North America last month. UBI Global utilizes an international research team that analyzes business incubators based on a wide range of factors, including their value to members and overall economic impact. Last year, 1871 was ranked 9th in the world on the list of Top University-Associated Business Incubators (3rd in the United States).

“As the top university-affiliated business incubator in the United States and the fourth in the world, 1871 is positioned to continue its significant impact on its members and the entire innovation economy,” said 1871 CEO Howard A. Tullman. “The UBI Global ranking confirms that 1871 is a leader in its support of innovation and the entrepreneurial community. By offering hundreds of member companies a world-class, state of the art, technology-rich working environment, the best educational resources, individualized programming, mentorship from top industry leaders, and access to potential investors, 1871 works to make a real, positive impact on Chicago’s economy by helping entrepreneurs develop successful technology businesses.”

As a university-affiliated incubator, 1871 maintains close partnerships with top universities in Chicago and around the world. Northwestern University, University of Chicago, University of Illinois, Loyola University Chicago, DeVry University and Illinois Institute of Technology all have dedicated spaces at 1871 where students and faculty come to work on their businesses and immerse themselves in Chicago’s entrepreneurial community.

With over 400 participants who were specifically assessed, the information in UBI Global’s rankings helps incubator managers from around the world successfully run their programs by allowing them to see best practices, areas requiring improvement for their specific business models, ways of effectively utilizing operational budgets, and strategies to attract a new client base. Additionally, the rankings can aid governments, investors and early-stage companies to see where the top incubators are for industries.

“1871 is a top performing business incubator in the World,” said Director of Research and Co-founder of UBI Global, Dhruv Bhatli. “It performs exceptionally well on value for client indicators. Additionally, it strongly contributes to the growth of the local economy by catalyzing job creation. 1871 provides high-quality incubation services to its client startups, particularly on access to fund and access to network indicators. Based on UBI Global assessment of 1871’s performance, we recommend it to all future entrepreneurs in the world."

About UBI Index

Based in Stockholm, Sweden, and with an international research team, including founders Ali Amin, Dhruv Bhatli, Joel Eriksson Enquist and Lars Henrik Friis Molin, UBI Index is a thought leader in performance analysis of business incubators around the world. It helps business incubators become more efficient and competitive through a comprehensive benchmark where more than 400 incubators in over 70 countries participate. TechStars London Director, Jonathan Bradford, Chief Strategy Officer at Vinnova, Kjell Håkan Närfelt, and Paolo Borella, Director, Microsoft Nokia App Campus form part of the official UBI Index advisors.

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