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Groundwork: 1871 Launches Free Workshop Series for Chicago's Entrepreneurs

Posted by: Yun Tai on 8/1/18 9:00 AM

Whether entrepreneurship is your main calling or just a side hustle, we understand how tough it can be to launch and run your own company. If you have a great business idea, but don’t know where to start, then make sure you check out Groundwork -- our free public workshop series that covers everything you need to know to start your own business.

VentureSCALE and 1871  Bring First Sales-Focused Accelerator to Chicago's Tech Ecosystem

Posted by: Yun Tai on 7/31/18 10:15 AM

Through a partnership with VentureSCALE, the Midwest’s first and only sales and revenue focused accelerator will operate exclusively out of 1871.

Mia Velasquez Helps You and Your Friends Collect Money and Split Bills Without Splitting Hairs

Posted by: Yun Tai on 7/30/18 9:27 AM

If you’ve ever fronted money for an event or been stuck with the group bill then you know how much it can hurt to pony up the extra cash for your friends or co-workers. And it’s not just your wallet that suffers; after all, no one wants to be taken advantage of or feel like they’ve been duped. It’s an issue that Mia Velasquez, Co-founder and CEO of Commit, is all too familiar with -- and one that she’s dedicated to solving.

Richard Perrott Brings Insurance Distribution to the 21st Century with WatchTower

Posted by: Yun Tai on 7/24/18 9:00 AM

Most of us don’t need to know anything about our insurance other than a provider name and an identification number, but like a Swiss watch, there’s a whole lot going on beneath the surface than most of us realize. Unfortunately, the similarities stop there -- while most Swiss watches are efficient automated wonders of Swiss engineering, the insurance industry runs closer to the opposite end of the spectrum. Thankfully, Richard Perrott of WatchTower is bringing the industry into the 21st century.

Fed Up with Fake News? Daniel Rendon’s SUJO has Coverage You Can Count on

Posted by: Yun Tai on 7/17/18 9:00 AM

There’s a lot of fake news out there today. Take Twitter as an example -- recent studies show that false information spreads six times faster than the truth on the social media giant. It’s an issue that Daniel Rendon, a former CBS employee and current CEO of SUJO, plans on solving. In this article, he takes a look at the very real impact of fake news and how we can prevent fiction from turning into fact.

Joe Holberg is Helping Americans Build a Better Budget

Posted by: Yun Tai on 7/11/18 2:25 PM

Physical health, mental health, and emotional health; these three subjects have stirred many national conversations -- but what about financial health? There’s no doctor for that. No therapist. No psychiatrist. In fact, there’s barely any education around the topic. Thankfully, Joe Holberg, Founder and CEO of Holberg Financial, is working to help today’s professionals better understand the value of a dollar.

Buyer’s Remorse? Fara Alexander’s ReturnRunners has the Cure

Posted by: Yun Tai on 7/11/18 8:31 AM

Regret. It’s that feeling in your stomach when you buy the perfect Hawaiian shirt only to remember that you live in Alaska. It’s finding out post-purchase that your brand new vacuum cleaner received, at best, a two-star review. Thankfully, Fara Alexander is helping consumers diminish their disappointment with ReturnRunners, on-demand return service for retail merchandise. In this interview, Alexander talks about the importance of initiative, community, and strong role models.

FinTech Companies can Count on Chase Yeung’s 7QUBES for Speed and Security

Posted by: Yun Tai on 6/28/18 9:00 AM

In space, no one can hear you scream. In the FinTech space, everyone can hear you scream. That’s why Chase Yeung, Co-founder and CEO of 7QUBES, is leveraging artificial intelligence and blockchain distributed ledger technologies to make life easier for financial service professionals. In this interview, she shares her thoughts on risk, empowering employees, and why an entrepreneur’s journey is far more important than the destination.

We Can Do It! 4 Women Founders Share Their Advice on How to Thrive in a Male-Dominated Industry

Posted by: Yun Tai on 6/27/18 9:12 AM

Sheryl Sandberg, COO of Facebook, once said that, "in the future, there will be no female leaders -- there will just be leaders.” And while that day grows ever closer, it’s not quite here just yet. In the meantime, we’ve put together a list of practical advice, tips, and takeaways from four women trailblazers that we’re honored to have in our community.

Steven Galanis’ Cameo Will Get You Starstruck Anywhere, Anytime

Posted by: Yun Tai on 6/25/18 11:31 AM

If you’re stalking your favorite celebrity hoping for a chance to meet them, then you’re doing it wrong. First, it’s really creepy and second -- it’s a crowded market, so good luck standing out amongst the competition. Fortunately, Steven Galanis can help. His company, Cameo, let’s you skip the lines and hear from celebrities from anywhere in the world with personalized video shoutouts.

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