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Looking for a Personalized Rideshare Experience? Look No Further Than Roady

Posted by: Yun Tai on 5/1/19 9:00 AM

According to recent studies, more than half of all Americans have used a ridesharing service at some point in their lives. And though ridesharing is an easy and flexible way to get from one location to another, it can also serve as more than just a transportation service. In fact, Rebecca Klor and Austin Jenkins, Co-founders of Roady, are working hard to ensure that your next ride is less about transit -- and more about you.

86 Repairs is Fixing the Restaurant Industry From the Inside Out

Posted by: Yun Tai on 3/27/19 9:04 AM

There’s a reason why shows like Restaurant: Impossible, Bar Rescue, and Kitchen Nightmares have so much appeal -- after all, where else can you get a behind-the-scenes look at the restaurant industry? But even though the drama seems authentic, these shows often gloss over the difficult work it takes to maintain restaurant equipment. If you weren’t aware of the restaurant repair scene, go ahead and turn your television off for a moment and check out how Daniel Estrada and Joe Gallagher, Co-founders of 86 Repairs -- a subscription service that manages equipment service and repairs for restaurants -- are keeping your favorite eateries humming.

With Pod Foods, Distribution is Anything but Cookie Cutter

Posted by: Yun Tai on 3/21/19 9:00 AM

Food distribution is a long and complicated process. In fact, most retailers and brands will tell you that the national distribution system is more than just outdated -- it’s ancient. You might be surprised to learn that a good portion of today’s food industry is still operating on a distribution system first designed in the 40’s. It’s a problem that Larissa Russell, CEO and Co-founder of Pod Foods, and her cofounder Fiona Lee, are all too familiar with --and that’s why they’re the right people to solve it.

Sam Walder is Building the Violin Teacher of the Future

Posted by: Yun Tai on 3/13/19 9:37 AM

Private violin lessons can range up to $75 -- or more -- an hour. And while there’s no denying the benefits of 1-on-1 instruction, it can still be a hefty price to pay. But what if there was a more convenient way to learn the violin? One that not only cost less, but also allowed students to learn from the comfort of their own homes? That’s what Sam Walder’s building with Trala, an app that teaches users how to play the violin. In this post, Walder talks about technology as therapy, the importance of a strong support system, and why feedback should be one of the first things on every entrepreneur’s to-do list.

Daniel Vallejos is Building a Human Resources Revolution with 360HRE

Posted by: Yun Tai on 2/27/19 9:00 AM

If you have a spare moment today, make sure to stop by your Human Resources department -- and just say ‘thank you.’ You may not always see it, but these professionals are integral to your productivity and employee experience. But what happens if the HR department isn’t providing an amazing employee experience? It may be because they have never felt an amazing work experience. That’s the issue Daniel Vallejos, Founder of 360HRE, is working to solve. In this interview, Vallejos takes us into the HR revolution and talks about why curiosity -- though dangerous to cats -- is an entrepreneur’s best resource.

Solve Your Charity Challenges and Make Giving a Habit with Joel Pollick’s Percent Pledge

Posted by: Yun Tai on 2/20/19 10:33 AM

“Where do I even start? How do I research charities? Who’s actually doing great work? Once I do give, where’s the money really going? If I’m not rich, can I even make an impact?" These are a just a few of the questions that pop when young professionals think about giving. To answer these, Joel Pollick, Founder and CEO of Percent Pledge, has made it his mission to empower every young professional to become a philanthropist and easily make giving a habit. In this post, Pollick discusses the importance of simplicity, transparency, and even fear.

For Taxi and Rideshare Drivers, CabDash Guarantees Faster Fares

Posted by: Yun Tai on 2/6/19 9:33 AM

The current taxi and rideshare market is competitive to say the least. That’s why brothers Joe and Jeff Talamantez built Cab Dash, an app that helps rideshare and taxi drivers locate their next fare quicker. In this post, they’ll talk about why cab and rideshare drivers always feel the need for speed, conviction, and the importance of good mentorship.

Carl Hirschman Brings Family Care into the 21st Century with CareTree

Posted by: Yun Tai on 1/30/19 9:00 AM

Most families don’t see themselves as caregivers. They’re just a son or daughter doing their duty as a child or grandchild. The caregiving journey is often just as life-changing as having a new baby, but they don’t get 9 months to prepare.  It happens in an instant: with a fall, a hospitalization, or a new diagnosis. This leaves families scrambling and stressed, often for years. Fortunately, Carl Hirschman, Founder and CEO of CareTree, a caregiving software, is bringing peace of mind to families and the caregiving industry into the 21st century.

Krys Burnette Will Transform Your Business from the Inside Out

Posted by: Yun Tai on 1/16/19 9:00 AM

As any entrepreneur can tell you, good teams equal good business. And though most founders have good intentions, it’s not easy to build and organize the right team, set the right processes, and develop the right leaders. It’s an issue that Krys Burnette, Co-owner and Org Design Lead at August -- which helps organizations optimize for uncertainty by emphasizing agility and experimentation -- has dedicated her career to solving. In this post, Burnette talks about the value of innovation, creative freedom, and self-honesty.

Happy Holidays from all of us at 1871!

Posted by: Yun Tai on 12/21/18 3:08 PM

It's the time of the year for gifts, eggnog, and all-around cheer. While we love winter wonderlands, we understand if it's just a little too cold to go outside at the moment. Instead, take a minute to cozy up in front of a warm fireplace and check out 1871's greatest hits from this past year -- in case you've been out of the loop on Twitter, here are The 12 Days of 1871.

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