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World Parents' Day: The Life of an Entrepreneur Parent Means Always Being a Boss

Posted by: 1871 on 7/24/17 9:46 AM

Just like the life of an entrepreneur, being a parent can be unpredictable, challenging and sometimes, require some outside advice to make sure you’re doing everything right. In the spirit of World Parents' Day July 23, we reached out to the members of our community juggling both parenting and living the startup life for their insights, counsel and lessons learned. 

What Startups and Corporations Can Learn by Working Together

Earlier this month, we were excited to co-host our fourth Corporate Innovation Summit with Microsoft. The Summit brought together several of 1871’s corporate partners to share best practices around engaging with entrepreneurial ecosystems and startup technologies, as well as how to create a culture of internal corporate innovation.

Founder’s Five: Taking Deals and Quick Decision Making with Tom Sosnoff

Events, Insights
Posted by: Mick Swasko on 7/20/17 7:02 PM

For a founder referred to as the “Rockstar of Finance,” Tom Sosnoff looks the part. Donning a “Tastytrade” branded Kangol hat and button down and a faded pair of jeans, the legendary Chicago serial entrepreneur took the stage Tuesday, July 19 at 1871 to sit down for one of 1871’s longest running events, Chicago Founders’ Stories hosted by 1871 Board Member Pat Ryan, Jr.

Meet a Mentor: Kimberly Brown of Centrally Human

Posted by: 1871 on 7/19/17 1:39 PM

With a network of more than 300 professionals from every industry, the mentor program is the crown jewel of 1871. Every day, mentors dedicate their time and expertise guiding our members from issues ranging from legal to tech and everywhere in between, forming valuable relationships and producing concrete outcomes. We highlight members of our mentor program on an ongoing basis, and this week, we say hello to Kimberly Brown of Centrally Human. 

Teaching Code in a Language Every Kid Speaks with Codemoji

Posted by: Mick Swasko on 7/19/17 12:48 PM

Livio Bolzon of 1871 member company Codemoji has developed a platform to help students learn HTML and CSS using curriculum written in a language nearly everyone can recognize: Emoji. 

There's No Excuse for Being a Tech Jerk

Posted by: Howard A. Tullman on 7/19/17 11:11 AM

These aren't the best of times for the tech industry. Every day another jerk emerges as the latest poster boy of ego and entitlement, someone who can't figure out how to keep his hands to himself and/or his ugly mouth shut. And the many feeble attempts and faux justifications made in the name of speed and scale doesn't really advance the discussion or explain the situation, either.

1871 Announces 13 Companies Joining Summer WiSTEM Cohort

Posted by: 1871 on 7/18/17 11:17 AM

Meet the fifth cohort of WiSTEM: A diverse set of entrepreneurs from a variety of industries beginning the accelerator program at 1871 July 18. The 13 companies will be participating in mentorship, workshops and tailored curriculum at 1871 for 12 weeks leading up to a showcase event in the fall. 

Sounding Board: Maura O'Hara talks VCs, the Future of Chicago Startups and Her Journey to 1871

Posted by: Mick Swasko on 7/18/17 9:49 AM

 1871 Board Member Maura O’Hara arrived home in 2003 from her last day at a high-level marketing job at Sears corporate to something unexpected on her kitchen counter.

Words of WiSTEM

Posted by: Mick Swasko on 7/17/17 11:23 AM

1871's WiSTEM program has reached a new milestone: More than 50 companies are now graduates of the cohort program that accelerates the businesses of women entrepreneurs. With the fifth cohort of WiSTEM beginning July 18, we reached out to the newly graduated cohort to share their advice and experiences. 

There's No Safety in Your Silo

Posted by: Howard A. Tullman on 7/12/17 12:00 AM

Shutting yourself in what seems like a safe and secure space is an act of willful blindness. You need to look across your industry to leverage all the data available, including within your own company. And yes, there are platforms for that.