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This Week on Instagram: Visitors from Tel Aviv, Young Coders and More

Posted by: 1871 on 9/8/17 6:12 PM

1871 had an exciting start to the week by welcoming six companies from Tel Aviv University to our space for a two-week program. Also on Insta: Some awesome views of The Mart, a look at some of the students who spent the summer coding at 1871 and some shots from the lens of our photographer, Greg Rothstein. 

Mary Couzin of ChiTAG Looks to Promote Pioneers of Play

Posted by: Mick Swasko on 9/8/17 3:47 PM

Sell a million copies of a book, and you get your name in the New York Times. Produce a platinum album, you top the Billboard charts and even get a plaque. But create, market and sell a best-selling toy or board game? —barely anyone knows your name. WiSTEM member and ChiTAG founder Mary Couzin is looking to change that.

This Week on Instagram: IHCC Celebrations, a Wedding and a Big Name

Posted by: Mick Swasko on 9/1/17 2:55 PM

It was a week to celebrate at 1871, as we marked the conclusion of the second IHCC/1871 Joint Incubator, wished a coworker well on her upcoming nuptials and welcomed internationally renowned author Doris Kearns Goodwin to our space. 

This Week on Instagram: World Entrepreneurs' Day, Momentum Countdown, and an Eclipse

Posted by: 1871 on 8/25/17 2:04 PM

This week in Instagram: 1871 started off the week right by bringing the team together to view the Solar Eclipse. The last time a total eclipse was visible from coast to coast in the US was on June 8th, 1918. Our team was lucky enough to snag viewing glasses to catch the event in full effect.

A Different Look at Summer School with Rêve Academy and CoderSpace

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Posted by: Mick Swasko on 8/25/17 11:41 AM

Even though they’re learning the ins and outs of tech and business building while classes are out, Chicago students have had anything but a summer school experience at 1871 this summer. We welcomed students from both Rêve Academy and CoderSpace for a pair of innovative programs aimed at increasing opportunities in tech for young students and positively impacting communities.

Wedmony Looks to Simplify Planning for Your Big Day

Posted by: Mick Swasko on 8/24/17 8:35 AM

After planning her fair share of weddings and bachelorette parties for free, Christina Hecker decided it was time to make a little money on matrimony. Hecker, a member of WiSTEM’s fifth cohort, is the founder of Wedmony -- an online platform that aims to connect couples planning their weddings and offers them simple tools to help them keep on schedule during the process.

Sounding Board: Lisa Portnoy on Accounting for the Future of Technology

Posted by: Mick Swasko on 8/23/17 4:00 PM

It’s an understatement to say tech has changed in the past 30 years, and Lisa Portnoy has been at the forefront of watching its evolution.

LivingPath Wants to Make Senior Living Search as Easy as Apartment Hunting

Posted by: Mick Swasko on 8/22/17 11:03 AM

For Isabelle Woodrow, creating the “ for senior living communities” has been a family affair. She’s the CTO of LivingPath -- a transparent listing platform for retirement homes and senior communities -- a company she co-founded with her brother, Jonathan, who maintains the CEO title.

1871 is a Proving Ground for Designation Grads’ Design Chops

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Posted by: Mick Swasko on 8/22/17 9:05 AM

1871 is like the Hotel California: You check in, but you never leave. Even as a company gets its own offices or a member receives an opportunity elsewhere, you're forever tied to the 1871 ecosystem. No partner embodies this more than Designation, 1871's resident UI/UX bootcamp. 

Packed with Purpose is Doing Good in "Badass" Gifting Business

Posted by: Mick Swasko on 8/18/17 12:39 PM

Oh, you think gifting is cute? WiSTEM member and Packed With Purpose founder Leeatt Rothschild wants you to know it is a badass business. Those are her own words for the gigantic gifting industry, which she’s looking to disrupt by doing some good to support small businesses who, in turn, support charitable or social causes.