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Vunzai Yeazel is Looking to Build an Empowered, Global Community of Women

Posted by: Mick Swasko on 9/15/17 3:02 PM

Vunzai Yeazel, born in America and raised in Zimbabwe, has filled three passports traveling around the world to help women, and now she’s landed in Chicago to continue her mission through tech. The Gorgeous Within founder and CEO began her company in 2010, as a way to bring women together and empower them through workshops and events.

The Future of Entrepreneurship Support Must Look Different Than the Present

Posted by: 1871 on 9/14/17 5:11 PM

Cate Costa is an 1871 mentor and entrepreneurship development professional with more than ten years of experience as an entrepreneur herself and coaching founders in a variety of industries. In this guest blog, Costa takes a hard look at changes that need to be made among entrepreneurship support organizations in order to better and more earnestly support minority and female founders.

Meet a Mentor: Linda Darragh of Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern

Posted by: 1871 on 9/13/17 1:21 PM

With a network of more than 300 professionals from every industry, the mentor program is the crown jewel of 1871. Every day, mentors dedicate their time and expertise guiding our members from issues ranging from legal to tech and everywhere in between, forming valuable relationships and producing concrete outcomes. This week, we say hello to Linda Darragh of Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University.

Is Captain America Your Match? WiSTEM Company CharacTour Wants to Find Out

Posted by: Mick Swasko on 9/13/17 11:34 AM

Kim Foerster knows everyone is a character, and she has a patent-pending 26 point algorithm to back that up. Along with Co-Founder and COO Pete McEntegart, the WiSTEM member and CharacTour CEO is setting out to connect casual TV and movie watchers and superfans alike based on the characters whose personality traits they most match.

5 Takeaways on Building a Company With No Resources

Insights, Community
Posted by: 1871 on 9/12/17 5:23 PM

The obstacles are always greater when you lack the funds to support your genius entrepreneurial idea. Victoria Elena Nones, Founder of Women in Comedy and 1871/IHCC Hispanic Technology Incubator alum, shares five key takeaways from her own entrepreneurial journey on how to maintain the right attitude when building a business on a shoestring.

Energy BBDO Interns Tackle "The Work" for 1871 Startups this Summer

Posted by: Tom Alexander on 9/12/17 12:18 PM

Earlier this year, my wife Tiffany mentioned an idea to me that might be a possible collaboration between 1871 and Energy BBDO, the Michigan Avenue-based advertising agency for whom she works. The idea was fairly straightforward -- that the group of 25 or so Energy BBDO interns would work with 1871 startups over the summer to develop and pitch full advertising campaigns.

This Week on Instagram: Visitors from Tel Aviv, Young Coders and More

Posted by: 1871 on 9/8/17 6:12 PM

1871 had an exciting start to the week by welcoming six companies from Tel Aviv University to our space for a two-week program. Also on Insta: Some awesome views of The Mart, a look at some of the students who spent the summer coding at 1871 and some shots from the lens of our photographer, Greg Rothstein. 

How to Fund Your Business: Key Takeaways from HPA’s Entrepreneurial Education Series

Events, Insights
Posted by: Mick Swasko on 9/8/17 4:16 PM

Intimidated by a term sheet? Scratching your head on SAFE versus convertible notes? Don’t even know where to start when it comes to approaching an investor? It’s not uncommon for bootstrapped startups to be a little lost when it comes to the concept of asking for funding, but luckily, Hyde Park Angels is willing to share their wisdom.

Mary Couzin of ChiTAG Looks to Promote Pioneers of Play

Posted by: Mick Swasko on 9/8/17 3:47 PM

Sell a million copies of a book, and you get your name in the New York Times. Produce a platinum album, you top the Billboard charts and even get a plaque. But create, market and sell a best-selling toy or board game? —barely anyone knows your name. WiSTEM member and ChiTAG founder Mary Couzin is looking to change that.

From Beans to Basket: Fillo Finds Success Through Collaboration with Sofrito Product

Posted by: 1871 on 9/5/17 3:54 PM

In this guest contribution to the 1871 blog, Fillo’s co-founder Daniel Caballero talks about overcoming challenges while getting his product on the shelf and in front of consumers. Now on shelves across Chicago and online, Caballero shares his insight into what it takes to get from idea to sales to scale.