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Sounding Board: Lisa Portnoy on Accounting for the Future of Technology

Posted by: Mick Swasko on 8/23/17 4:00 PM

It’s an understatement to say tech has changed in the past 30 years, and Lisa Portnoy has been at the forefront of watching its evolution.

LivingPath Wants to Make Senior Living Search as Easy as Apartment Hunting

Posted by: Mick Swasko on 8/22/17 11:03 AM

For Isabelle Woodrow, creating the “ for senior living communities” has been a family affair. She’s the CTO of LivingPath -- a transparent listing platform for retirement homes and senior communities -- a company she co-founded with her brother, Jonathan, who maintains the CEO title.

1871 is a Proving Ground for Designation Grads’ Design Chops

News, Community
Posted by: Mick Swasko on 8/22/17 9:05 AM

1871 is like the Hotel California: You check in, but you never leave. Even as a company gets its own offices or a member receives an opportunity elsewhere, you're forever tied to the 1871 ecosystem. No partner embodies this more than Designation, 1871's resident UI/UX bootcamp. 

Packed with Purpose is Doing Good in "Badass" Gifting Business

Posted by: Mick Swasko on 8/18/17 12:39 PM

Oh, you think gifting is cute? WiSTEM member and Packed With Purpose founder Leeatt Rothschild wants you to know it is a badass business. Those are her own words for the gigantic gifting industry, which she’s looking to disrupt by doing some good to support small businesses who, in turn, support charitable or social causes.

Manicures, Puppies and Pickle Rick: Our Week on Instagram

Posted by: Mick Swasko on 8/18/17 12:36 PM

It's a good week when things end with free manicures from our friends at member company LISA. What else was up this week? We visited the City Club of Chicago, played with some dogs and had an awesome breakfast with our WiSTEM members -- all documented on our Insta. Not following? You should.

Hacking Chicago: The Future Smart City is Already Here

Events, Insights
Posted by: Mick Swasko on 8/18/17 9:35 AM

If there were a looking-glass that showed Chicago’s future, it would have been on stage August 16 at 1871. Digi.City Connect -- a multi-city series of discussions with lawmakers, government officials, technologists and corporations -- made a stop in Chicago to discuss the social and economic impact of smart city technologies with several local experts.

Evolved Educator Aims to Slash Lesson Planning Time for Teachers

Posted by: Mick Swasko on 8/15/17 2:12 PM

What happens when three Chicago Public School teachers combine 60 years of experience? In Michelle Krumholz’ case -- a tech startup. Evolved Educator was born out of solving a problem she and fellow teachers experienced when Common Core rolled out in public schools across the country: how to develop effective lesson plans efficiently to meet the changing requirements in the classroom.

5 Startups with Chill Solutions for National Relaxation Day

Posted by: Mick Swasko on 8/15/17 12:01 PM

Hey, chill out.  1871 community members are working hard on startups that are aimed at taking the stress out of daily life for the rest of the world. From power napping to preventing workplace burnout, we reached out to some 1871 businesses working on solutions to reduce stress for National Relaxation Day.

8 Startups Compete for Gold and Glory at Challenge Cup Chicago

News, Events
Posted by: Mick Swasko on 8/13/17 7:51 PM

On August 9, 1871 joined more than 75 tech hubs around the world in partnership with 1776 for the Challenge Cup, a global pitching competition where startups pitch world-changing ideas to solve meaningful problems.

How Burgundy Fox is Changing the Shape of the the Lingerie Industry

Posted by: Mick Swasko on 8/10/17 9:27 AM

For a business focused on selling lingerie, Burgundy Fox’s Instagram isn’t what you might expect.Yes, women are wearing underwear. But the models of all shapes, sizes and colors are reading newspapers, working on their laptops, enjoying their morning coffee -- bucking the traditional advertising trends you’d find in the marketing collateral of retail giants that focus on women’s intimate apparel.